The Order of Santa Claus

The Order of Santa Claus

Become An Official Helper To Santa Claus

Santa and the Elves are facing new and serious challenges in their work at the North Pole. It has been decided that more helpers are needed and they will be recruited through the most magical membership club the world has ever seen...

The Order of Santa Claus.


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The perfect way to keep your Christmas fire burning all year round; while spreading kindness, goodwill and Christmas magic to others.

– Melanie Carlton

That little reminder every month to just “be a little kinder” or “spread a little joy” is completely priceless

– Shelley Hunter

The Purpose Of The Order of Santa Claus

The main purpose of The Order of Santa Claus is to aid Santa and The Elves in their quest to spread Christmas magic, hope and goodwill around the world throughout the whole year. We need both adults and children alike, but the launch of The Order will see a historic moment, as children will be allowed to become official helpers for the first time in history. 

Becoming An Official Helper

Upon joining each month you will receive a letter, updating you as to what has been happening at the North Pole keeping you up to date with all the latest news and events. In addition to the letter, you will receive a monthly “Secret Mission,” a different challenge that you are tasked to complete. Each mission will be based around something that is hopefully enjoyable, but most importantly will help spread magic, kindness and make the world a better place, thus helping Santa and the Elves in their work at The North Pole.

What Do You Get When You Join The Order of santa claus?

The Order of Santa Claus Booklet

A 12 Page illustrated booklet explaining the full story and purpose behind The Order of Santa Claus.

Personalised Welcome Letter From Santa Claus

A personalised welcome letter from Santa Claus, officially initiating you into The Order of Santa Claus

Personalised Membership Certificate

A personalised Order of Santa Claus Official Membership Certificate

Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets - Audiobook

A CD Audiobook version of Santa Claus: The Book of Secrets narrated by Santa Claus himself

Official Order of Santa Claus Membership Rules

A heavyweight luxury cardcopy of the Membership Rules of The order of Santa Claus

Official Order of Santa Members Token

An Elfmade wooden token to carry with you and use as proof of membership to The Order

Members Tree Decoration

An Elfmade wooden Christmas tree decoration to hang with pride and commemorate the year and being a member of The Order of Santa Claus

Interviews With Santa Podcast

A brand new and extremely exciting Podcast from Santa Claus himself where amongst other things Santa will answer questions from members of The Order

Members Pin Badge

A 2 inch official member's pin badge to identify you as a member of The Order of Santa Claus

Folded Map of Santa's Village 42 x 29cm

A full size map of Santa's Village at the North Pole as taken from Santa's Village: The Book of Secrets

Monthly Letter From Santa Claus

Each month you will receive a letter from Santa Claus updating you on all the latest news, stories and information from the North Pole

Monthly Santa's Secret Mission

Each month, along with with your letter you will receive a secret mission from Santa Claus. A mission to designed to help spread Christmas magic, positivity and happiness

Frequently Asked Questions

When Will My First Welcome Pack and Letter Arrive?

Your Welcome Pack will arrive with you near the end of November / Early December in time for Christmas 2019. You will then receive your monthly letter and secret mission each month thereafter. Your membership will run from December 2019 until November 2020.

Are Membership Numbers Limited?

Yes! We are afraid that The Order of Santa Claus is limited to 1000 lucky members for this year. Once this quota has been reached we will have to close applications until next year when we hope to be able to make some more places available.

Can I have More Than One Name On Each Membership?

Yes! Memberships can be one each for individual adults and children. Memberships can also be addressed to multiple siblings or even a family. E.G: "The Robinsons." N.B: Please note though each membership will only come with one Welcome pack. 


I’m so excited to be part of this Magical Christmas adventure and to be able to give my nieces and nephew the gift of become one of Santa’s official helpers!

– Amber Smith

To have Christmas magic all year round is something so special. So thrilled to be part of this wonderful Order and cant wait to help spread Christmas cheer and blessings xx

– Donna Watt

We joined as our family are Christmas mad but to help our 16 month old daughter learn about the message of spreading joy, goodwill and caring for others all year round.

– Paul Connick

I cannot wait for the first letter to arrive. The ultimate convincer for the children to see me become an official helper to Santa Claus. I cannot wait to see their reaction, I’ve joked with them for years I should be an honorary elf.

– Leanne McGreig

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